Every Journey Starts With A Choice


Dan Baugh was one of 3 lenders I was deciding among. I chose Dan because he explained everything in great detail, he followed up with me several times, he was concerned about me before I agreed to work with him and it seemed like he had the most interest in working with me. He was super quick and very communicative with me and my Realtor. My Realtor loves Dan and will be recommending him for the future, I will be doing the same. Dan is top notch and has a very effective approach to his clients. He wasn't working for me, he was my friend and that's how he made it feel. He incorporated professionalism, personability, detail and overall provided a great experience for me and is highly recommended for future clients!

Stout Family

Curt Lovejoy is my first choice for referrals to my clients. His easy manner and prompt response to questions makes him my "go to" for any loan questions. His communication throughout a transaction makes it easy for me to track loan progress as he is extremely proactive in what he needs to get the loan done. Also, from a professional perspective, he is always eager to assist with my Open Houses...a true bonus!

Susan D., Realtor